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The #1 Supplement Store In The Bay Area for Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, & Weight Loss

The Nutrishop Mountain View Experience

At Nutrishop Mountain View, we take a more hands-on approach by helping you attain your health and fitness goals. We offer proper training, nutrition, and supplements. We are specialists in the retail nutrition industry and provide health-conscious consumers with unparalleled customer service. Plus, we carry an extremely diverse selection of, cutting-edge nutritional supplements at guaranteed low prices.

We call this the Nutrishop Mountain View Experience.

Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

Our staff will discuss relevant aspects of your daily life that before helping you choose the products might be right for you. So, we will teach you lifestyle changes that will help lead to long-term success in reaching your health and fitness goals. Next, we start by offering a free customized meal plan. Finally, we will suggest products to help optimize your results in reaching your goals.

Whether you are looking to, build muscle, increase performance, or improve your overall health, we have you covered! Stop by today for a free consultation.

Quality Products & Services to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

We have a selection of different products that include items for Protein, Workout Support, Building Muscle, Weight Loss, Energy and Endurance, Vitamins and General Health. Our services include Nutrition Plans, InBody Scan”Body Composition”, Nutrition Education, Supplement Education, Support, and Motivation.

Achieve your fitness goals with our excellent supplements, vitamins, pre-workouts, nutrition plans and more!


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