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Do You Need to Supplement Your Meals with Vitamins and Minerals

Most of us remember having to take out chewable Flintstone vitamins every morning when we were kids. Most of us have a healthy variety of vitamins taking up space in the bathroom or kitchen. Most of us also forget to take our vitamins. If you are ready to do some spring cleaning, and wondering if you can get rid of your supply of supplements and vitamins, here’s what you need to know. If you have dietary restrictions, you may need supplements and extra vitamins. Do You Need Vitamins and Minerals? Yes, we all need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Vitamins and minerals will fuel every part of your body, keeping us healthy, fighting disease and bacteria, keeping us mentally sharp, and physically strong. If you’re living your best life, you need to feed yourself with proper vitamins and minerals, as well as other vital nutrients. The question [...]

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Three Reasons Meal Planning Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Having a meal plan can help you save time, money, and improve your overall wellness. The food we eat is the foundation of a healthy life, both mentally and physically. Nutrition is the fuel that keeps our mind and body healthy. Here are three reasons you should plan out your weekly meals. Meal Planning Planning your meals may feel like one more thing on an already too long to-do list, but planning will help you stay organized and make it much easier to eat right. Take the time to plan your meals, and you’ll notice that you’re freeing up more time for yourself and your family. You’ll also be less likely to be enticed by quick and often unhealthy choices. Meal planning helps you shop, so you always have nutritious foods available and ready to eat. Save Time If you are taking every meal as it comes, both [...]

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Incorporating Health and Wellness Into Your Corporate Culture

The hottest trends in businesses are to incorporate healthy activities and a healthy lifestyle into their mission statement. Corporate wellness is becoming an instrumental part of a thriving corporate culture. Plus, the rise in healthcare cost is making it all the more evident that healthy employees are good for business. Health and Wellness at Work Supporting employees in a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s also about creating a corporate culture and atmosphere where you encourage each other, support each other, and practice good lifestyle choices that impact health and wellness. The goals of corporate welfare are just as much about mental health, as it is about physical fitness. We believe the two go hand in hand. Time to incorporate wellness into your corporate culture! Health Vs. Weight One aspect of corporate wellness that we want to stress is the difference between being healthy and [...]

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Three Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Making You Healthy or Happy

We all value individuality. If you look at the hottest trends in any industry, it’s customization and personalization. But, when it comes to dieting, somehow we all still fall prey to one-size-fits-all diets. The first mistake is to even think of dieting as something that can help you get healthy. The second mistake is thinking that falling into a particular weight category or size category will equate health. Why Diets Don’t Work The goal of a diet is limited to weight loss, and weight loss has proven more and more not to be a significant factor in determining your health. That’s not to say that losing weight, in some instances, will help you get healthier, but we are putting way too much emphasis on weight and size. Just because you don’t fit into a size 6 doesn’t mean that you aren’t healthy, and it doesn’t mean that you are “too [...]

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Correcting the Three Biggest Fitness Mistakes with a Personalized Nutrition Plan

We make three big mistakes when it comes to our fitness. Eating right and working out are significant factors in a healthy lifestyle, but every lifestyle is different. A personalized nutrition plan can put you on the right track, and correct three of the biggest fitness mistakes that we all tend to make. Fitness and Health Mistakes Get a personalized meal plan at NutriShop. The first mistake people make is to focus on other peoples results and not their own. Although a fitness and health buddy is great to keep you motivated and stay on track, they can also hold you back. But the minute you start to measure your results against their results, there are too many chances to be disappointed and get discouraged. If they lose weight and inches at a faster rate than you, you can easily slip into a negative spiral and lose motivation. [...]

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What’s the Deal With Protein Powder?

Say the word protein powder or protein shake, and people assume you’re on your way to lift some weights. A big misconception is that only people who are fitness fanatics and athletes need protein powder. But, protein powder didn’t become a multi-billion dollar industry by only catering to one type of demographic. There are multiple benefits to protein powder, no matter who you are or what your lifestyle. What is Protein Powder? Protein powders are dehydrated forms of protein derived from plants or soy that are mixed with a liquid - typically water - or added to food. They are exactly what you think they are, an extra boost of protein. The question is, do you need extra protein powder? Protein is an important building block for keeping us strong and healthy. Why Do We Need Protein? We all need protein as it is an essential building block [...]

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Investing In Your Employees Health and Wellness is Good For Business

Investing in your employees will ensure loyalty and less employee turnover. The best investments that you can make is an investment in your employee's health. Healthy employees are more creative, productive, and take fewer sick days. Corporate Wellness Investing in your employee health is good for business. The corporate wellness market is growing because employers see the financial benefits to healthy employees. One of the most significant expenses a company can have is finding new employees, or covering their employees on sick days or sick leave. If you can keep your employees healthy, you are reducing absenteeism, while boosting productivity and creativity. Investing in your employee's health will also create a healthier work environment and improve teamwork. If you work together as a team to stay healthy, you will work better together when it comes to company projects. Improves Employee Retention It’s expensive to find and train a new [...]

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Benefits of an InBody Body Composition Analysis

Our bodies are all different. We need to get a better understanding of our body composition for the best approach to our health. At Nutrishop, you can get an InBody body composition analysis to understand your biological make-up better, and take a more customized approach to health and wellness. InBody Body Composition Analysis There's more to fitness, health, and wellness than losing weight. The more you understand your body, the better you can supplement and feed it to get the results that you want. We cannot read our way to customized nutrition. The InBody body composition analysis is the best place to start if you're going to maximize your fitness results. Weight loss is often considered the only measurement that counts, but when it comes to your overall health and wellness, many factors should be considered. Segmental Analysis The InBody body composition analysis will divide your body into [...]

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All You Need to Know About Thermogenic Supplements

What is a Thermogenic Supplement? Let’s start by defining the word "thermogenic." It is the scientific name for "heat-producing" in the body. So, when you consume a thermogenic supplement, you will help your body to lose weight in short-term as it accelerates metabolic functions. Common Ingredients in a Thermogenic Supplement This product contains natural ingredients formulated to stimulate your metabolism and increase fat burning. Caffeine, capsaicin, bitter orange, Garcinia Cambogia, green tea/ EGCG, and Yohimbine are some examples of the most well-known "heat generators." You will find products that only contain one ingredient or products that use a blend of compounds that stimulate your metabolism. Benefits of Thermogenic Supplements Energize your body Can reduce appetite Help you manage a healthy weight High effectiveness when paired with healthy eating habits and exercise Increase the calories-expend at a faster rate to stabilize body temperature Decrease the chance of an energy slump and [...]

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Welcome to the Best Nutritional Shop in California

Nutrishop Mountain View Story Shawn and Casey, the business owners, both share a passion for fitness and helping people. Shawn started to compete in Men's Physique in 2014, and from then on, his significant interest in fitness grew to a whole new level. Casey grew up doing Ballet at age 3, and fell in love with it, slowly developing a passion for fitness because of the type of training she had to do. When Shawn and Casey met, and their lives were combined, so did their passion. Together they grew stronger and were able to push each other in ways they could have never imagined. They both love helping people find ways to accomplish their goals, from training to learning how to make it become a lifestyle. Experts in the Field Our life experiences, failures, and accomplishments endow us with everything it takes to help our customers find their way [...]

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