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“Healthy Eating” Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Start the Year with a Healthy Diet That Doesn't Include These Common Mistakes Eating healthy was something that most people used to frown upon. It sounded boring and like the food wouldn't be as tasty. In recent years, more and more people are interested in taking care of their health, and they know that starts with nutrition. The road to healthy eating is paved with good intentions. Most people decide to start making better choices about their nutrition guided by what they think sounds healthy to them or what others have told them is healthy. The thing is, "healthy" often has a different meaning for different people. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when they decide they want to eat healthily. Take note so you can avoid these in the future. Completely Eliminating Certain Foods If you must permanently say goodbye to certain foods because of [...]

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How to Ensure the Success of Your New Training Routine?

New Training Routine? Kick It into Gear with These Tips Starting a new training routine is always exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You set expectations for yourself, and you want to make sure you live up to them. Whether you are starting a new training routine now or are putting it off until January, there are certain things you should consider, if you want that routine to be successful. Here are some tips to make the best out of your new routine. Define a Plan If you have a goal, you need a plan. Going for a run now and then or walking into a gym without a clear idea of what you should be doing is not going to pay off. Whether you work with a personal trainer or buy a ready-made program off the internet, be sure to have a plan in place so you can track [...]

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The Truth About Supplements

Supplements can be an excellent addition to your diet, but not all of them will work for everyone. Not All Supplements Are Created Equal For the body to work correctly, it needs a wide variety of minerals and vitamins, which should mostly come from a balanced diet based on real food. However, sometimes, balanced nutrition is not enough to fully satisfy our vitamin needs, thanks to processed foods, depletion of soils and GMO. Also, there are conditions in the body that could prevent it from taking everything it needs from the food you ingest, so even when you’re eating fresh, whole foods, your body might not be taking full advantage of them. Supplements come in very handy in situations like this. They are meant to provide additional nutrients that your diet may be lacking or that your body is not absorbing. Multivitamins are the most popular ones since they are [...]

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Curbing Hunger & Promoting Muscle Gain Over the Holidays

The holiday season can feel particularly challenging nutrition-wise. An adequate amount of protein can keep you satisfied and help maintain your muscle mass. 5 Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake This Holiday Season As the year comes to an end, most family tables are filled with pies, casseroles, and lots of other delicious dishes. It's the holiday season, and it is certainly tempting to indulge in all these delightful holiday creations, but overindulging can quickly throw out the window all the hard work you've put in throughout the year to make lean muscle gains. Having a strategy can help you overcome temptation, stay satisfied, and maintain your gains. Reach for the Shakes One of the biggest mistakes when having a holiday dinner is getting there so hungry that you'll say yes to anything and everything. It's like grocery shopping when you're hungry. Have a protein shake about an hour before [...]

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