The hottest trends in businesses are to incorporate healthy activities and a healthy lifestyle into their mission statement. Corporate wellness is becoming an instrumental part of a thriving corporate culture. Plus, the rise in healthcare cost is making it all the more evident that healthy employees are good for business.

Health and Wellness at Work

Supporting employees in a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s also about creating a corporate culture and atmosphere where you encourage each other, support each other, and practice good lifestyle choices that impact health and wellness. The goals of corporate welfare are just as much about mental health, as it is about physical fitness. We believe the two go hand in hand.

Corporate Wellness Program

Time to incorporate wellness into your corporate culture!

Health Vs. Weight

One aspect of corporate wellness that we want to stress is the difference between being healthy and being thin. Today, we are too quick to judge people on their physical size, assuming that they are unhealthy or unhappy. We need to reprogram ourselves and start to understand what it means to be healthy. What the scale says is just one number, and we shouldn’t put any more importance on our weight than we do on other measures of health.

Comprehensive Insights

Nutrishop offers corporate wellness programs where we help you implement a corporate wellness program. We customize a plan to meet the needs of your employees and their current physical and mental state. Giving our clients comprehensive insights into their health will allow us to customize meal plans and fitness programs.

More Than Exercise

Being fit is about more than hitting the gym five days a week. Everyone is different; everyone has different needs. We treat every employee as an individual. Our corporate wellness program is more than just a membership to the gym.

Benefits of Healthy Employees

Corporate wellness benefits

Healthy employees take fewer sick days, are more creative and productive.

A corporate wellness program can significantly cut the cost of employee healthcare as well as the cost of absent employees due to health problems. Healthy employees are also more likely to perform better, be more creative, and more energetic which can improve your profits. Investing in our employees will also send a signal that you care about their wellbeing, not just about your bottom line, solidifying loyalty and avoiding high turnover.

Nutrishop creates corporate wellness programs that benefit your business, your employees, and your health and wellness.