Investing in your employees will ensure loyalty and less employee turnover. The best investments that you can make is an investment in your employee’s health. Healthy employees are more creative, productive, and take fewer sick days.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

Investing in your employee health is good for business.

The corporate wellness market is growing because employers see the financial benefits to healthy employees. One of the most significant expenses a company can have is finding new employees, or covering their employees on sick days or sick leave. If you can keep your employees healthy, you are reducing absenteeism, while boosting productivity and creativity. Investing in your employee’s health will also create a healthier work environment and improve teamwork. If you work together as a team to stay healthy, you will work better together when it comes to company projects.

Improves Employee Retention

It’s expensive to find and train a new employee. Retaining an employee is much more cost effective for business. Making employees happy in their place of work will improve employee retention. The longer an employee is happily working for you, the more loyal and beneficial they become. The health and happiness of your employees will improve your bottom line. Quite frankly, no business can afford NOT to invest in their employee’s health.

Corporate Wellness Program

Benefits of corporate wellness

Get nutritional support and customized diet plans for your employees.

A corporate wellness program is beneficial to your business and your employees. A corporate wellness program can also help prevent future health problems, and avoid costly sick leave for employees. At Nutrishop, we can help your company by helping you stay organized and on track to achieve goals by facilitating weight loss/body transformation challenges and customizing meal plans. We offer nutritional advice and support for all involved, as well as giving your employees, and their families access to special offers and discounts.

InBody Body Composition Analysis

For accurate progress tracking, we give you and your employees access to the InBody body composition analysis. That will allow each participant to fully understand their health, and keep better track of their progress. Progress in health and wellness is about more than just weight loss, and the InBody body composition analysis will give you a more accurate understanding of your success.

The Nutrishop Mountain View staff is sports nutrition certified and specializes in complete programs for general health, weight loss as well as overall fitness. We will assist each person with their fitness goals and will be available for each step of the journey. Talk to us about starting a corporate wellness program.